Here are some reviews written about the first Jess the Goth Fairy book: 


A deceptively simple but powerful story with beautiful illustrations which I feel should by read by all parents/guardians with their children. It highlights the importance of how we're all different and yet our core human desire is to be treated equally, and so we should be.

Jess the fairy and her friend Helen are both disabled and know the reality of being treated differently. Together they are able to help a bird that was bullying Helen appreciate that this is wrong, by their kindness
when the bird ends up in a situation needing help.

This well written in such a way that gets the message across in a subtle yet powerful way, making this book easily accessible by any adult hoping to share important message with children about valuing others. If this important message starts with the children of the next generation, hopefully the world will gradually become a better, fairer place.

I hope there will be more stories featuring Jess, Helen and their friends... and I hope many more people will buy this important and beautiful book.




And here is another one...




This little book is inspired and inspiring. The imaginative story would help young children understand all about the issues of being different, and the illustrations are lovely. There's not a "preachy" note in the story - well done Jess and Jo. I think this would be a great stocking filler for young children.

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