Welcome to a description on some of the main events that Jess and Jo Allmond have achieved.



Jess and Jo's Inspiration


  • Jess has achieved so much despite her disabilities, even though it is thought that people such as herself are unable to achieve they type of life she deserves.

  • We want to spread the message that it is ok to be different, and to encourage everybody to follow their dreams, be they able bodied or disabled, because we all deserve a chance to reach that goal, even if sometimes we need a little bit of help along the way.



From the words of Jo Allmond (Jess's mother)


  • ''Jess lives her life 110% and nothing fazes her-from being a national special olympian gold medalist, to a member of the people's parliament in Worcestershire for the disabled. She teaches sign language, and works in a garden nursery. Nothing holds her back.''

Quote from Jess' speech:


''If you want to do something that you think could never happen, try and don’t be scared to ask for help. If you are scared because someone is not being very nice to you, find someone you trust and talk to them. That’s what your mums and dads, families, teachers are there for. I know when my mum sometimes gets a bit sad because she has done a lot to help me and sometimes it is hard I give her a big hug and say never give up mum we can do it and nearly always we do!'' 




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